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What to expect from your online course:

Enrollment Process:

Once you sign up and pay for your selected course, you will receive an email confirmation from Bridges Academy that you have enrolled in you selected course.  Once Bridges Academy confirms payment you will receive an email notification that contains the logon information for the Bridges Academy training portal within 24 hours of payment confirmation.  Click on the link below to enroll in the course of your choice:

Orientation Session:

The first lesson of every course is a lesson that orients you to our Learning Management System or LMS.  Our LMS is the portal through which your course will be delivered.  It allows you to proceed through your course in a sequential manner and get feedback about your progress in the course.  You will learn how to navigate in the LMS to access all the course content.  You will find that the LMS will function much like a web browser.  It’s that easy.  No prior on line learning experience is necessary.  You will also receive a lesson that helps you succeed as a student in the online environment.  Once you have completed your orientation sessions you will be allowed to proceed to the first lesson in your selected course.

Lessons Rich in Audio/Visual Content:

All of the lessons delivered through our LMS are rich in audio and visual content to help facilitate the learning experience.  The method of delivery for your Bridges Academy courses is designed around the way we learn which is predominantly through what we see and hear.  Rich audio visual content helps your brain absorb information through multiple pathways that help you retain  the information contained in each lesson.  Also because these lessons are self paced you can take your time absorbing the rich audio visual content of each lesson.

Review of Material:

After each lesson our LMS will guide you through the material you were just presented in the lesson content.  This review will prepare you for the quizzes contained in each lesson.  Our LMS will make sure you have reviewed the material before letting you proceed to the quizzes or tests for each lesson.

Pre / Post Test:

Each lesson will include a learning assessment component.  This is how our LMS can ensure you are learning and can provide you with the feedback you need to ensure you mastered the lesson content.  This is done through pre and post tests that are relevant to the lessons you just learned.  Our LMS will not let you proceed to the next lesson without ensuring that you have learned.

This system of learning is called Competency Based Learning.  Competency Based Learning works because it breaks learning down in to short sections that allow the learning to progress at their own pace and gain mastery in that section prior to progressing to the next component of the course.

At the end of your course you will receive a certificate of completion that you can proudly include in your portfolio for sharing with current and potential employers!!!