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Construction Trade Courses

Construction Trade Courses

Seeking a job in construction? You’ll need to know how to read blueprints, understand basic electricity, and HVAC!

Our short, affordable, self paced online courses in construction trades will help you get that next construction next construction job!

Basic Electricity – Self Paced

The Basic Electricity course introduces students to the basic nature and functionality of electricity. This online course explores the basic properties of electrical circuit, voltage, current, resistance and power. This 25 contact-hour non-credit course is intended for those who are in manufacturing or the skilled trades and need baseline knowledge of electricity and electrical currents / and circuits.

Blueprint Reading for Construction Trades – Self Paced

The Blueprint Reading for Construction Trades course provides students with a basic overview of blueprint reading concepts. This online course reviews the key concepts applicable to reading blueprints generated for a variety of skilled trade and technical applications, including carpentry, electrical systems, plumbing systems, and sprinkler fitting systems in light commercial and residential construction. This 24 contact-hour non-credit course is intended for those who need a basic understanding of how to read blueprints used in the various technical fields involved in construction trades.

Introduction to HVAC – Self Paced

 The Introduction to HVAC course introduces students to basic information essential to working in the HVAC profession. This online course discusses the components of both residential and commercial refrigeration and heating systems, as well as the fundamentals of design, maintenance, and repair of these systems. This 60 contact-hour non-credit course is intended for those who have not previously worked in the HVAC field and are looking to learn the basics skills to become an HVAC Technician.


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