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Basic Electricity Course

Basic Electricity Course

25 Contact Hours – Online – Self Paced

Course Description:

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The Basic Electricity course introduces you to the basic nature and functionality of electricity. You will explore the basic properties of electrical circuit, voltage, current, resistance and power. In addition, you will learn to utilize Ohm’s Law to determine electrical properties in a series and parallel circuits and apply Watt’s Law to simple circuits. The course can be completed online.

At the end of this course, you will be able to:

  •  Identify basic electricity components and their schematic symbols
  • Know basic DC circuit properties – voltage, current, resistance and power
  • Analyze voltage sources
  • Determine resistor values using the resistor color code
  • Calculate parallel resistors
  • Learn basics of using a digital multimeter

Who Should take this course?

This 25 contact hour non-credit course is most appropriate if you are in construction, manufacturing or the skilled trades and need baseline knowledge of electricity and electrical currents and circuits.


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Basic Electricity Course

25 Contact Hours – Online – Self Paced

Tuition: $299.00